My Vision!

Welcome to The Juice! My vision is to give you a real life, honest and genuine insight into the life of an apprentice.

Tips for an Apprentice!

Always research the role you are applying for and what your day to day responsibilities will be. It is important to have an understanding of the company you will be working for and what work they are involved in. This research should go hand-in-hand with your awareness, it never hurts to identify some of the companies current topics, check out their website and discover their social media pages. If you find these points bring them up in your interview, it is sure to impress!

Why Public Relations?

Why Public Relations? I chose public relations because I wanted a career where I could improve my skills and be creative every day. Ever since I completed my Level 3 Diploma in Business at Stafford College, I wanted to then move to the next level. So PR was the greatest opportunity for me to prosper in, I have fallen in love with writing, creative design and promoting on social media. This passion has now got me where I am, here at Changeworks Communications. I will never have any regrets and I am continuing to grow in the business industry.

What inspires me? I am inspired by the creative people in my life: family, friends, colleagues and even strangers! I am dedicated to mastering the art of public relations and eager to learn more about Changeworks clients and the industries they operate in. Away from the office I love attending music festivals and spending quality time with my friends and family.

What was my dream job as a child? I have always wanted to be a pop sensation… Then I realised I was a terrible singer!

Best piece of career advice? Don’t fear the unknown. If you keep working hard, you will achieve your goals and opportunities will fall at your feet!


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