‘Absolutely Fabulous’ lessons learnt in the world of PR

After 20 years the British comedy ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ has come back to our screens. For those unfamiliar with the sitcom, Edina ‘Eddy’ Monsoon (Jenifer Saunders) and Patsy ‘Pats’ Stone (Joanna Lumley) are two best friends immersed in the world of celebrities, fashion and PR events. They take on a whirl wind journey of mischief landing themselves into amusing situations.

The series features Eddy, a heavy drinking, drug-abusing PR agent who spends her time chasing peculiar fads in a desperate attempts to stay young and trendy. She is joined in her ‘career’ by magazine editor Pats, her lifelong friend, whose drug abuse, alcohol consumption far eclipse Edina’s comparatively mild self-destructive behaviour.

If you are in PR or hire PR professionals and have never watched the BBC comedy then you sure are missing out! With the help of a few people with genuine PR skills, they somehow find success from each adventure they embark on.

One of the most famous sayings from Eddy herself: “PR! I PR things! People. Places. Concepts.”

We know this is a fun take on PR but those who work in the industry will tell you that it’s a lot more than getting drunk and chatting up celebrities. Below are some of the lessons I have learnt in the world of PR and my apprenticeship.

Be reliable – I have come to realise that it is extremely easy to commit to something. Whether it’s delivering assets to a client or replying to an urgent email, being reliable is what people remember. Make your actions heard.

Words matter – Whether you are writing a release or drafting your social media schedule, your word choice is the most important factor. Your choice of content can make or break the message you want to unveil. Read then re-read
what you’ve written and get someone else to proof it.

Have confidence in what you do – You may find this hard if you are starting a new career, but it’s time to turn off that voice in your head that’s telling you to fail. As soon as I started gaining confidence to voice my opinions, I noticed I receive more positive feedback and fewer errors.

One thing I have learnt from Ab Fab is that having fun is an essential – It can be easy to get overwhelmed in meeting deadlines, but it is vital to take time for you and laugh a little. Going out for lunch with your colleagues or even catching up on the latest soap gossip can make a difference to your day and uplift your attitude.

Jordan Dalziel



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