Careers vs Jobs: Following your passion

You will often hear the words ‘career’ and ‘job’ used interchangeably, but they are two very different things. A job is something you will do to earn cash; it’s filling a work role within a business in exchange for money. A career, though, is a long-term pursuit of a lifelong ambition.

Career advancement is the result of gaining will power, setting firm resolutions and making a commitment to conquer your weaknesses. Do you want to build a successful career, to get promoted, gain new responsibility and authority? Then read my top tips below for a more successful career.

  1. The secret to a successful career is to improve yourself no matter what level you are at. Success is built on continuous learning, using that knowledge to set firm goals then seeing the proposed accomplishments through to the end.
  2. Accept that you are going to make mistakes; they are all part of the learning journey. If you don’t make mistakes, you aren’t going to gain knowledge. Some of the most valuable lessons and more beneficial experiences have come from making mistakes.
  3. You need to truly care about the company you work for and invest in its success. To grow in your career you need to be passionate about the success of others, the company and your role. You will only reach your full potential when you truly care personally.

Your success in a career is measured by your willingness to embrace challenges and change with a view towards finding solutions to problems. Start developing transferrable skills that will enhance your marketability and enable you to take advantage of and enjoy new opportunities.

Your mission is to establish your own meaning for work and fit it in with the realities of the external demands placed on you. How you view work and the connection to life determines whether you have a job or career. Where you go in life is up to you.

Jordan Dalziel



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