First impressions are everything

How are you enjoying the ‘juice’ so far? Whether you have just finished school, college or want a career in something new, then give yourself the best chance of landing your apprenticeship by reading my top tips for success.

make a good first impressionFirst impressions are everything in the working world; it is important you dress professionally, speak clearly and be positive about why you want to become an apprentice. You would be amazed at how many people turn up to an interview with dirty nails, scruffy clothes and messy make-up; why would someone want to hire an apprentice who doesn’t look after themselves? I have always stuck to my ways when it comes to appearance, especially as it shows the employer how committed you are to presentation.

When you turn up at your interview, get recognised by the business. Try to stand out but in a positive way, show you have made a real effort – make yourself memorable than other candidates. All you need to do is make yourself stand out in the interviewers mind! Saying that, don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t be afraid to show you have a sense of humour.

Here are my Top Tips!

1. Conduct research on the employer, company, job opportunity
2. Review common interview questions and prepare responses
3. Dress for success
4. Arrive on time for the interview
5. Make good first impressions
6. Be authentic, upbeat, focused and confident
7. Remember body language, avoiding bad habits, such as slouching
8. Ask sensible questions about the business and the role you are applying for
9. Sell yourself throughout
10. Thank the interviewers

27413183_lIf you are then given the role, being professional and transparent lies at the heart of any business, here at Changeworks it is to be expected! Take note – you should be able to complete work that is allocated to you but don’t be afraid to ask if you need help; it also makes you look keen and eager to learn new skills. Prioritising the day’s workload can be stressful, but being passionate and honest will drive you to the future, this can lead to a long and loyal relationship with the business and future clients.

Finally, just be happy with your role, no one gets anywhere if they are doing a job they hate. Doing a job in a happy mood creates a positive atmosphere in the working environment, so show the interviewer you are eager and really want this role. You’re not just in it for the money; you are in it for the career!

Jordan Dalziel

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