Is a degree necessary for Public Relations?

It’s the beginning of a new week and I am ready to get cracking! Over the weekend I was browsing through discussions on my Twitter profile and came across the hot topics of University degrees. When I left college, I had the choice whether I wanted to go to Uni, get an apprenticeship or just get a job.

6664079_lI was asked by a peer ‘Don’t you need a degree to work in PR?’ This got me interested in the debate between those who feel it is best to jump into the trenches and work your way up and those who advise you to take an academic route at University.

I learnt that many people don’t have a degree to be successful in PR. Yes, the truth is that you may need a degree in public relations in order to get a better paid job at the start. Yes, with a degree you can enter a role at a slightly higher level. But, will you have the industry experience? A former University student also needs the client experience and understand how the working world works, so they really need to take some unpaid work experience.

A degree is a slip of paper saying you have achieved a qualification but does it say you have the experience? Being an apprentice , you are given the best of both worlds; you are gaining a qualification and getting paid on the job – this will get you on the first steps of the career ladder and you will also get paid to do it.

13039078_lWhether you start with or without a degree, you just need the experience and will power to get to where you want. The only difference is, with an apprenticeship you have more experience working with clients, the media and understand the working industry.

So what would you choose an apprenticeship or University?

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