My PR Goals for 2017

Happy New Year! I can’t believe its 2017 already. It only feels like yesterday that is was my first day at Changeworks Communications. Over the past year I have learnt and developed my PR and marketing skills by, writing press releases, coming up with social media ideas, working at an exhibition with clients, working in graphic design and creating animated videos.

I would like to thank my readers who have supported me and continued to read my posts, your comments are very much appreciated. For my first blog post this year I would like to share my goals for 2017, which you may also relate to.

Goal setting is a key element of professional development. It helps me to benchmark my progress, reflect on failure and recognise success.

  1. Graduate my apprenticeship! – Well I can proudly say that recently I passed my Level 4 Diploma in Public Relations set by the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA); with hard work and
    determination I successfully achieved and passed with flying colours. Changeworks then offered me the opportunity to stay working with the company and have now promoted me to Junior Account Executive.
  2. Build my network – LinkedIn is a great way to network with other business professionals and I have found it is a great way to promote who I am and the work I write. Building a successful profile does take a lot of time and drive, but by surrounding myself with people who share a similar drive and ambition, I am more likely to move forward in my career.
  3. Carry on influencing others – I may not be an apprentice anymore, but I still want to continue blogging and inspire others. I can’t thank my readers enough for supporting me and reading my posts. To show how grateful I really am I will continue to post on The Juice!

If you haven’t yet set goals for 2017 and need some assistance, please post your comments below.

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