Set career goals to help with your future

Relationship goals, squad goals and even food goals are all the rage nowadays, but what about career goals? Why not set long term, life goals instead of just looking no further than your next pay packet?
I have always wanted a ‘job’ that will give me a future. PR offers many industries to get into: fashion, music, hospitality, construction, government, public sector, retail, science, education.. Need I go on?

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Creativity is an essential

Today, I made the assertion that creativity is going to be an essential skill to prosper my career at Changeworks.
Creativity is something that many overlook or don’t even think of as something of importance in the world of business. Our society’s creativity is stripped by the time we are ready to enter into the real world, many decide to take the easy way out and get that job that doesn’t require much effort. Well..You are wrong!

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Why Apprenticeships?

Are you an apprentice? Do you want to be an apprentice? Are you bored of the same news? Tired of waiting for the summer or wanting it to be Christmas again? Well, have a read of my new blog about my first few months at Changeworks Communications and why I wanted to become an apprentice.
I will start off with the juicy news! Why be an apprentice?

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