The Importance of Creativity in PR

The purpose of creative thinking is a way of looking at problems or situations from a fresh perspective. Creative thinking can be stimulated both by an instructed process such as brainstorming and lateral thinking.

There are two main reasons why creativity is important in achieving business success; firstly problem solving and making decisions are seen as key functions. As much as 50-60% of time in business and in life is spent in problem solving; the better we become at thinking up creative ways to solve the inevitable and unavoidable problems of daily life and work and making effective decisions, the most successful we will be. Secondly, all of us want to make more money, we want to be successful and enjoy a great status, this could mean gaining new qualifications.

Everyone at Changeworks has established that they need to be creative in this industry; this is being open-minded, having a thirst for new experiences and an appetite for different media outlets.

The benefits of creativity:

  • Create balance and order
  • Give a sense of control over the
    external world
  • Make something positive out of a loss
  • Maintain sense of integrity
  • Help resolve conflicts
  • Make thoughts and feelings clear

Social factors that affect creativity:

  • Lack of direction – The lack of clear goals and objectives, written down, accompanied by detailed, written plans of action. When it comes to being clear about what we want and how we are going to achieve it, creativity needs to come to mind. We immediately begin to come up with ideas and insights that help us and the business move forward and improve problem solving skills for business success.
  • Fear of failure – The fear of being wrong, making mistakes or losing time is a major factor. As it happens, it is not the experience of failure that holds us back, it is having failed countless times in lift and it hasn’t done any permanent damage.
  • Fear of criticism – The fear of looking stupid, is triggered by the desire to be liked and approved of by others, even people you know no or case about. As a result, we decide that if we want to get along, we have to go along.

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