What Celebrities Have Taught Me about PR

Nearly every top celebrity employs PR tactics. This may not always help when their bad behaviour generates the wrong publicity, but may actually take advantage of public attention to further their careers.

Watching TV, listening to music and actually meeting celebrities, has given me an insight into what these individuals can teach me about Public Relations.

Below are the lessons celebrities have taught me.

Get to know your fans / customers – Successful celebrities give their time to interact with their fans – they do this via social media and guest appearances. Fans become more loyal when they have been communicated with, providing a five-star service is the key to them succeeding.

Let campaigns spread naturally – Take one of the greatest graffiti artists, Banksy, he is famous for his political street art. He never uses the media or pointless promotions – he just makes simple statements on his blog. Promotional messages can be effective, but you want to make content shareable and encourage others to listen to your views.

Embrace the competition – Strong competitors help celebrities to grow, especially in the music industry, they observe what others write and play. Healthy rivalry makes them smarter with the resources they have, they leverage others talents to build something no one else wants to challenge.

Words matter – Take Beyonce for example, her songs definitely make sense and her fans relate to them. The same with PR, whether I am writing a press release or social media content, choice of words is one of the most important factors. The words chosen can make or break the message I want to unveil.

Lee Sharpe
Lee Sharpe

Communications skills – Movie stars need this skill to succeed, if they don’t it will probably turn out to be a rubbish film. Communication occurs when someone understands you, not just when you speak. One of the biggest risks with communication in PR is working on the assumption that the other person has understood the message you are trying to get across. Poor communication in PR and Hollywood can lead to blame and bad publicity.

There are many ways popular culture inspires me; the way some celebrities live have helped me with the way I work and how I observe the world of PR.

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