What Zombie’s Have Taught Me About PR

If I had a pound for every time I watched ‘Shaun of the Dead’ I would certainly be a millionaire! I’ll always remember the famous film quotes – “You’ve got red on you” or “There’s a girl in the garden.” Great quotes come from fantastic scripts and in PR the most successful messages are carried by the most memorable words.

Not only is the Simon Pegg film one of my favourites, from the catchy phrases and the thrilling drama; it’s actually about the lessons that zombies have taught me about PR. It also brings to mind the other important messages that Public Relations have.

Be ready for the unexpected – When faced with zombies, its common knowledge that they will sneak out unexpectedly at any time, without warning. If you’re familiar with the lifestyle of the undead, you’ll know that people of your own kind can be just as dangerous. What I have learnt in the modern age of PR is that the same values can apply. PR pro’s can relate to last minute changes and stolen ideas. You never really know what to expect in PR; it is a major skill to think on your feet and be prepared to do the best you can.

Don’t catch the virus – When a zombie attacks and bites you, you eventually turn into one as the virus spreads through your body. In PR, a negative online reputation is the equivalent as it can spread so quickly. Once you have that reputation, recovering from it is difficult. It is highly recommended that PR pro’s familiarise themselves with reputation-management.

Teamwork is necessary – In any zombie situation, the ones that make it are the varied group of shaunofthedeadindividuals, who bring unique skills to the table. To make your PR team work effectively, your players need to be skilled, driven and diverse.  When working as a together you’ll have the innovative leader, creative’s, technical, financial and media relations specialists.

Positivity is the key to success – In many zombie films you see people constantly panicking and giving up. Staying positive in difficult situation is vital and never been more true in the industry. There may be times when work is slow, just like to times when you are challenges, but you need to always remember to stay on top of the game. Never give up, use your failure as learning tools to ensure they don’t happen again.

Jordan Dalziel

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